We at Texas Regional Investigations Protective Services LLC need a capable security officer to oversee our facility’s surveillance and ensure the safety of our employees and guests. You will monitor any unusual behavior and prevent theft, vandalism, and other illegal activity.


  • Regularly patrolling the area to keep it in order and establish a presence
  • Observing and approving the entry of vehicles and individuals onto the property
  • Getting criminals or trespassers out of the area
  • Proven background as a guard or security officer
  • Understanding of the law as it relates to public safety and area security
  • Interacting with authorities, firefighters, and emergency medical staff
  • Keeping an eye on public access and safeguarding the safety of all employees and guests
  • Having intermediate computer skills to operate innovative and wireless technology at client-specific sites
  • Addressing alarms and reviewing security tapes


The security system professionals at Texas Regional Investigations Protective Services LLC take great pride in helping homeowners, businesses, and other property owners maintain their buildings’ security. We offer 24-hour monitoring and maintenance for standard security systems, fire and intrusion alarms, and intercom systems.

A skilled, educated, and licensed security guard will go a long way toward ensuring that all of the mentioned tasks are carried out with exceptional diligence. Our team of skilled security guards is dedicated to providing high-quality services to protect your office facility.

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